Welcome to SNORKLEAN - THE ULTIMATE SAFETY AND HYGIENE TOOL FOR YOUR SNORKEL & DIVING EXPERIENCE - A perfect tool to help preventing from infections in COVID-19 times!

Love the thrill and action that you feel from scuba diving and snorkeling? We totally get you!

Nothing beats the time you spend exploring the vast grandeur that the ocean floor has to offer.

But as much as we love snorkeling and diving, when it comes to using rental diving gears (especially mouthpieces), how can we be certain that it's 100% clean and hygienic?

We thought of that too - and that's why we came up with this brilliant and innovative gear - the SNORKLEAN.

The first of its kind, the SNORKLEAN is the first ever protective sleeve that covers diving nozzles or regulators. Using the SNORKLEAN ensures that you get to enjoy your favorite water adventure without worrying about disease contamination.


Using rental regulator or mouthpiece may be an easier and cheaper option, especially if you do not snorkel on a daily basis. But there's no certainty if the diving equipment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. And since there are plenty of infectious diseases that spread through saliva (such as herpes, mouth sores, gingivitis, influenza, hepatitis C, etc.), it's of vital importance that you use a protective gear that can help prevent these diseases.

SNORKLEAN is tested and recommended by professional divers across the globe. It is small, but it can make your diving experience fun and epic while keeping diseases at bay. 

Give it a try now! We are 100% FDA-approved!

Get one now before you book your next snorkeling escapade.